Trump supporters think the 'liberal left' is covering up an attack in Sweden. #JeSuisIKEA was born

Trump supporters think the 'liberal left' is covering up an attack in Sweden. #JeSuisIKEA was born

Donald Trump attended a rally in Florida and spent an inordinate amount of time criticising the media.

The President also went on to allude to a number of terror attacks in Europe, including ones that occurred in Brussels, Nice and Paris.

And Sweden.

It quickly became clear that the latter was an inaccurate statement.

Swedes came out in droves to assure the world that there had been no terror attack on the country.

Former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt weighed in on the topic:

Faced with the force of the internet, Trump admitted that he got his information from Fox News.

All good things come from Fox News.

He referenced a John Tucker interview with film maker Ami Horowitz, who claimed to document alleged violence committed by refugees in Sweden.

The documentary was condemned by political scientists and Swedish newspapers as an exaggeration and, in some cases, completely “false”.

However, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary (from the Swedes!!) some remain convinced that Sweden is nothing more than a media cover up.

And so, people began to use #JeSuisIKEA:

#Pray4Sweden also made an appearance.

Some tried to FYI the president...

And others shared photos of the atrocity...

'Never Forget' and 'Fake News' were popular too:


We must point out however, there had been an incident that happened in an Ikea store in Sweden two years ago, where two people were fatally stabbed.

According to the deputy prosecutor at the time, the two attackers were of Christian Eritrean origin and lived in an asylum centre. Crucially, there was no evidence that it was terror-related, or motivated by religion or politics, and the Swedish intelligence agency Sapo was not put on the case.

We should also point out that there wasa terror attack in Sweden last month which went largely underreported.

Three suspected neo-Nazis were arrested in January after an Asylum centre was targeted with a homemade bomb. One person was seriously injured.

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