This man raised over £250,000 to make a very NSFW Donald Trump doll

Chuck Williams

Donald Trump is proving to be quite the muse for artists.

Comedians have an ever-growing wealth of material thanks to the US president; comic book illustrators are using his speeches for content and one creative soul built a wall around his Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Well, Trump has inspired another incredible, if slightly NSFW creation.

Chuck Williams, a 56-year-old Wisconsin resident and former Walt Disney Company senior sculptor, has created the 'Daddy' of all dolls.

We present, the vinyl Donald Trump Troll:

Picture:Picture: Chuck Williams

Complete with a tiny Android mobile, wrinkled- tan lines around the eyes and tiny, tiny hands, Williams decided to mass produce the dolls after it became “very popular” with his friends and family on Facebook.

He created a Kickstarter campaign and it wasn’t long before he got backing for it. Lots of it.

$338,608 (£271,756) worth of support.

The resin figure stands at 4.75 inches. Just tall enough for your office. Or desk. Or as a table accent.

And it’ll only set you back $25 (£20). Not bad for endless trolling. Think of the possibilities…

But why insist on sculpting all the naughty bits?

Williams wanted to make it clear that he sculpted the entire doll, rather than simply sticking a head on an existing body.

Plus, he told Huffington Post, “I wanted to be a bit insulting. Tiny hands you know”.

WARNING: After this point, you will be seeing the NSFW images, (apologies):

Picture:Picture: Chuck Williams

Picture:Picture: Chuck Williams

Picture:Picture: Chuck Williams

Picture:Picture: Chuck Williams

A naked troll doll of a president. What a time to be alive.

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