Trump fan starts stammering after getting fact-checked in real-time

A "MAGA-influenced poll watcher" was left speechless after a reporter fact-checked his claims in real-time that the 2020 election was rigged.

In an interview with CNN, a Donald Trump supporter named John Child sat down to discuss his volunteer job as a "poll watcher" to make sure ballots are counted accurately ahead of the midterm elections.

Child claimed mail-in ballots from 2020 were where "the big issue was," a lie purported by Trump and allies.

"In Pennsylvania, there were 1.8 million mail-in ballots went out, 2.5 million came back," Child told CNN reporter Elle Reeve.

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Reeve questioned Child's fact asking, "Are you sure about that? Can we Google it?"

Stumbling over his words, Child agreed to let Reeve Google it only to find that a news outlet deemed it false.

Child also brought with him the "training material" given to him and other "poll watchers" to prepare for the midterm elections on Tuesday.

"My head was spinning at the end of it, Child told Reeve "It's a rabbit hole. liked it better when I didn't know anything"

Part of the "MAGA-influenced poll watcher" training is casting doubt over the ways the US counts votes after the election - specifically mail-in ballots and electronic voting on machines.

Other notable MAGA people like Steve Bannon have encouraged "poll watchers" to keep a close eye on those voting in person too, leading to concerns that it could intimidate in-person voters.

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