Unrepentant Alex Jones unleashes wildest conspiracy theory yet

Unrepentant Alex Jones unleashes wildest conspiracy theory yet
'I didn't even say his name': Alex Jones rages after fresh lawsuit ...

Despite being ordered to pay $50 million to the families of Sandy Hook victims who he defamed, Alex Jones is still on the conspiracy theory trail.

Joining Steve Bannon on his podcast War Room: Pandemic, Jones proliferated that former president Barack Obama and "his people" may stage an "attack" as state elections approach this fall.

"Are you concerned about the November 8th elections?" Bannon asked Jones. "Do you see things out there that are concerning you as to whether we'll have a free and fair election?"

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Jones responded, "I'm worried that the Biden controllers, the third administration of Obama -- I'm worried that Obama and his people may provocateur some type of big terror attack."

"They might launch a cyber attack and blame it on the Russians. They might start a major war."

Jones then said there would be an 'October surprise' indicating upcoming elections will swing more Republican than Democratic.

The theory that Democrats will stage a war is just one of the many conspiracies Jones has pushed on his show The Alex Jones Show, his website InfoWars, and while making guest appearances on other media outlets.

In the past, Jones has called former president Barack Obama the 'leader of al-Qaeda'.

Jones has found himself in hot water with some of the conspiracy theories he's pushed. Most recently, he was ordered to pay the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting families more than $45 million for defaming them.

Infamously, Jones claimed the shooting that killed 26 people, including 20 school children, was a 'false flag' operation staged by the government.

During his time on Bannon's podcast, Jones also said the defamation suit will not prevent him from speaking out.

"I will never give up, I will never sell out", he said.

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