Don Jr brands laid-off journalists 'spoiled rich kids' and the jokes write themselves

Donald Trump Jr calls Joe Biden an 'idiot'

Donald Trump Jr has no sympathy for journalists getting laid off at the Washington Post.

Earlier this week, staffers at The Post convened for a town hall where they were told by published Fred Ryan there would be layoffs beginning in Q1 2023.

A video from the meeting shows staffers becoming angry at Ryan because he refused to answer pressing questions.

"It sounds like a high school," Trump Jr, 44, told followers in a video posted to his Facebook page on Thursday.

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Trump Jr went on to brand the crowd of angry journalists as "whiny" and "pouty".

"The parents of these 'journalists' are going to start calling into the Washington Post to complain because their child didn't get a participation medal," he said.

"It's like their parents finally dropped them from their cell phone plan or dropped them from their insurance," Trump Jr added. "And now they gotta function in the big person world for the first time ever."

Trump Jr claimed the journalists "need to get everything their way" and "never had any real issues" adding that it was "probably more Gen Z than Millennial."

Many noted that Trump Jr's description of the laid-off staffers branded them as "spoiled rich kids" who have no "real world" experience.

But given Trump Jr's experience as a 'nepotism baby' who grew up wealthy, people found his statement somewhat ironic.



The eldest Trump added to his rant, "It's actually hilarious how they react to any challenge, any adversity and it's actually really scary for the future of our country because I imagine a lot of this lines up with the next generation."

He also discredited The Post staffers by putting air-quotes around 'journalist' and calling them "activists".



The Washington Post layoff announcement comes after several media organizations have laid off staffers as well. Including CNN, Gannett, and BuzzFeed.

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