Donald Trump Jr ridiculed for furious rant about The Muppets being ‘cancelled’

Donald Trump Jr ridiculed for furious rant about The Muppets being ‘cancelled’
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Even though Donald Trump was kicked off Twitter, this does not mean his son is done complaining.

Instead of taking some time off to reflect and stay out of the spotlight after his father was voted out of office in disgrace, Donald Trump Jr has tweeted about an important issue close to his heart: The Muppets.

Writing on Monday that the Muppets had been “canceled,” he warned his followers that there is nothing that “these psychos won’t destroy” and that “liberalism is a disease.”

It goes without saying that The Muppets, a group of beloved puppets, have not been “canceled”. But it seems Trump Jr was referring to a decision by Disney+ to include a warning at the beginning of some episodes of ‘The Muppet Show’ informing viewers that the show contains some “negative depictions” and “mistreatment of people or cultures.”

In one episode, for example, Johnny Cash sings in a barn where the Confederate flag is present. A disclaimer now reads: “These stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now,” (which is apparently very offensive to right-wingers).

As Disney has merely contexualised the depictions – and not even removed the episodes – it is clear the former president’s son is just reaching for something to be outraged about.

In fact, conservatives and the right wing’s latest grievance is with “cancel culture” (similar to their hatred of “PC” terminology a few years ago), believing that those on the left are somehow always infringing on their freedom of speech.

Of course Fox News also covered this story in-depth, instead of… any other news story at hand.

While Trump Jr was met with some support, he was mostly mocked for his stance on puppet ‘cancellation’.

“So the show is being put on a popular streaming service that will greatly expand its viewing audience and that means it's ‘cancelled’???,” one person joked.

“Junior doesn't seem to know what 'cancelled' means. You'd think he would after we cancelled his movement,” another person wrote.

At least Trump Jr lamenting about the fate of the Muppets means that his political relevance is somewhat dulled (for now), but it’s unclear why he’s so upset. Or maybe Sesame Street’s long history of mocking Donald Trump has something to do with his outrage.

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