Dove is playing with our emotions, again - and it's working, again

Dove, the soap brand/master of emotional manipulation, is back with a new advert.

This time, the company is telling women all over the world not to be afraid to call themselves beautiful - by putting up signs over doors in San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London and Sao Paulo marked 'beautiful' and 'average', and filming women choosing to go through either one.

The resulting video is, inevitably, really quite moving.

Watch it in full below:

Dove's #choosebeautiful campaign isn't the first time the company has played with our emotions. Its 'Real Beauty' campaign is more than a decade old, and in 2013 its 'Real Beauty Sketch' video in which a forensic artist drew women just from their description of themselves, and by how a stranger described them became one of the most viral adverts of all time.

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