Drake dissed in every genre as musicians jump on 'BBL Drizzy' trend

Drake dissed in every genre as musicians jump on 'BBL Drizzy' trend
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When Drake told Metro Boomin to shut up "and play some drums" – no one predicted what was going to happen next.

The producer beckoned to the Canadian rapper's call and created (dare we say it) a catchy, summer anthem 'BBL Drizzy.' And now, it has spawned a catalogue of genres taking aim at Drake in what might be a hip-hop first.

So, where did it all start?

In his diss song 'Push Ups,' Drake took a swipe at Metro with the line: "Metro, shut your ho ass up and make some drums."

He later turned to Instagram to further troll the American producer with an AI clip of Metro in a marching band. Drake also hired a marching band to play drums outside of Magic City in Atlanta.

Then, in Drake's 'Family Matters,' he takes yet another swipe at Metro using his government name Leland Wayne.

"The drum thing was laughable so I let it slide but what we not gon do is spread lies and have my loved ones involved nobody ever hit my girl n—a we grew up together she’s a real woman and not even in the industry but I guess #youwouldntknownunboutdatttt," Metro responded on X Sunday (May 5).

In a follow-up tweet, he wrote: "Now go make another song telling more lies cause we both know you can’t tell everyone why I don’t f–k wit u / that wouldn’t be a good look either for u so imma spare us both wit that."

Metro then shared a Soundcloud link to his track 'BBL Drizzy,' with some hailing it a "stroke of genius."

"Best verse over this gets a free beat just upload your song and hashtag #bbldrizzybeatgiveaway," he wrote.

TikTok musicians jumped in on the action, racking up millions of views and praise in the process.

Lucas (@lucasss_i) jumped on the beat with a guitar solo. "Sorry Drake it was too good," he captioned the clip.

"The diss just crossed genres and I'm crying," one person wrote, while another fan added: "So far I’ve heard Japanese rap, Indian dance, and now a guitar solo. Did I miss something while at was at work?"


Sorry Drake it was too good #drake #kendricklamar #metro #metroboomin #rap #rapbeef #euphoria #meetthegrahams

Then came along Adi (@adityasivakumar11) with the harmonium...



Not to mention, Jordan Burnett's (@jordanjburnett) impressive sax solo.


BBL DRIZZY X SAX SOLO @Metro Boomin #metroboomin #bbldrizzy #drake #kendricklamar #20v1 #rapbeef #rapmusic #saxophone #saxsolo #jazztok #raptok #drizzy #drizzydrake

It didn't stop there. Drake even started getting "cooked in dance."

"I can't rap but I gotta get my Drake lashings in somehow," dancer @kayxs15 wrote, with the hashtag Indian classical dance.


i cant rap but i gotta get my drake lashings in somehow 💀 #kuchipudi #indianclassicaldance #bbldrizzy #fypage #kendrick #metro #drake

The catchiness of 'BBL Drizzy' even latched on to children, with one clip from Linds (@lindss_renee) who caught her daughter singing the song at the top of her lungs...


Metros beat knows no bounds, even my daughter is walking around singing BBL drizzy. 🤣😭 #metroboomin #bbldrizzy #drakeandkendrickbeef

Elsewhere, language learning app Duolingo joined in on the fun as well as famed BBL specialist Dr Miami.

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