Is this drink called squash, juice or cordial?

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We all have different names of certain objects, but sometimes they diverge and when they do, Twitter has a LOT to say about it.

On this occasion, a bottle of Robinsons (squash, diluting juice, cordial, or whatever you call it) is in the spotlight.

It all began when Absolute Radio DJ Andy Bush (@bushonradio) posted a photo of the product to Twitter and tweeted: "There was some confusion on this last night so let's settle it once and for all... WHAT IS THE CORRECT NAME FOR THIS DRINK?"

And oh boy did he get a response, with over 5,000 replies and quote tweets altogether weighing into the debate.

So let's start by defining the different options that were appearing in the discussion.

"Squash" is a British term for "a sweet concentrated liquid made from or flavoured with fruit juice, which is diluted to make a drink," while "cordial" is also defined as a British term but is "a sweet fruit-flavoured drink," according to Oxford Languages.

Meanwhile "Diluting Juice", according to Collins Dictionary is "If a liquid is diluted or dilutes, it is added to or mixes with water or another liquid, and becomes weaker."

Of course, this spurred on quite the debate in the Twittersphere as people shared what they call this Robinsons' bottle.

Many came to the conclusion that the bottle was called "diluting juice" because the liquid is used to dilute water and has a juice flavour.

Depending on where you live, "dilutey juice" was also thrown into the mix.

There were plenty of people arguing that it is a bottle of squash, with some completely perplexed at the fact some refer to it as diluting juice instead.

Just to note, the website for Robinsons is actually

Even the NHS got involved and made their stance pretty clear that it was squash, noting: "Our website refers to it as squash - no references to diluting juice or cordial. So that's that then."

Cordial was also a term that was thrown into the mix - with Aldi suggesting that this was the correct term to use.

Someone even created the ultimate flow chart to define the different words (cordial, squash, pop, juice) on different qualities such as it gets diluted, if it's syrupy and if it is carbonated (fizzy).

Clearly, people had a lot of feelings about this topic as the debate began trending on Twitter.

To settle the debate once and for all, the Robinsons' official Twitter account (@DrinkRobinsons) posted a poll in the comments section where people could choose the following options: "Squash," "Diluting Juice," "Cordial," and "Other."

Already there have been over 27,749 votes cast and it looks like there is a clear winner, with Squash squashing the competition after gaining 67.9 per cent of the vote.

Diluting Juice came in second place with 19.7 per cent, then Cordial in third with 9.5 per cent and other in last at just 2.9 per cent.

Robinsons have since made a statement about the results of their poll, and said: "With the nation’s viral squash debate coming to an end, we were delighted to see so many Robinsons super fans share their favourite terms for our delicious orange squash! 68% of people voted for this in our Twitter poll (and we at Robinsons agree!) - with 19.7% calling it dilutant and a further 9.5% saying it’s cordial. Glad we were able to help settle it!”

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