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Just three days after Saudi Arabia announced it will finally allow women to drive, a woman sitting behind the wheel of a car has already sparked outrage.

Faisal BaDughaish, an analyst at a gas and oil company, tweeted a great selfie with his wife.

The tweet, according to the BBC, reads:

I started teaching my wife ow to drive in one of the private parking spaces in a safe and legal way, preparing for the law to take effect.

It's a happy photo.

But reactions to the tweet are polarised.

Some even said they disapprove of BaDughaish posting a public photo of his wife's face. For example, Twitter user Bderr1991 wrote:

Don't you feel embarrassed or protective of her when posting her picture? Shame on you.

While Saudi women will be able to drive from June 2018, it is worth remembering that they are still not allowed to marry, divorce, open a bank account or even get a job without permission from a male relative.

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