Drug dealer’s cat caught trying to smuggle ‘white powder’ into prison

Drug dealer’s cat caught trying to smuggle ‘white powder’ into prison
Photo courtesy of @ProtegeryServir ( The National Panama Police/ Twitter

Cats are loveable, curious, and independent animals that are the companions of many people worldwide. But one cat, in particular, has taken his independence and curiosity to the next level— as a drug smuggler.

According to AFP, authorities noticed a drug-runner’s adorable and fuzzy white and brown-spotted cat trying to smuggle drugs into a Panama jail.

On Friday, the little criminal was carrying the narcotics in a pouch tied around its body when it was stopped from getting further into the Nueva Esperanza Prison in Colon, Panama. 

“The animal had a cloth tied around its neck” that contained wrapped packages of white powder, leaves, and “vegetable matter”, said Andres Gutierrez, the head of the Panama Penitentiary System, about the feline felon in question.

Fluffy white cat caught smuggling drugs into the Nueva Esperanza prison.Photo courtesy of @ProtegeryServir ( The National Panama Police/ Twitter)

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Local prosecutors also mentioned that they opened an investigation into using animals to smuggle illegal substances into the Nueva Esperanza facility, which also houses over 1,7000 inmates.

This isn’t the first time the country has experienced inmates utilizing animals to deliver their drugs.

On several occasions, authorities cracked down on attempted drug deals using drones and homing pigeons have intercepted attempted drug deliveries using homing pigeons, probably because of the long distances and ability to find their way home,  and even drones.

Additionally, prosecutors also state that the “cat criminal” will be taken to an adoption center away from all the madness.

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