Drumming grandma goes viral with amazing solo in kitchen

Breanna Robinson
Wednesday 05 May 2021 15:14
(Photo courtesy of @taylor. dorothea/ TikTok)

Grandmas are superwomen.

They are the women you run to when you don’t want to get in trouble with your parents, give you that extra cookie before dinner, and always make sure that you’ve eaten for the day.

But did you know grandmas can also be expert drummers?!

Dorothea Taylor, the grandma in question, has gone viral yet again on TikTok, amassing over 23 million views.

According to her Instagram, Ms Taylor is a private drum instructor who's been drumming for 57 years.

NME reported that Taylor first became viral in January 2020 when she did a drum cover on YouTube of the heavy metal band Disturbed’s song, “Down With The Sickness,” which got more than 13 million hits.

Here she is in action:

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Then she rightfully grew in popularity that summer with her rendition of Paramore’s “Aint It Fun.”

Hayley Williams of Paramore even tweeted about it, saying, “love her, she’s a badass.”

With that, Taylor, who goes by @taylor.dorothea on TikTok and ialso known as ‘The Godmother Of Drumming,’ posted a lesson to TikTok on how to play lessons how to play doubles, further showcasing her impeccable speed and glorious technique to her over 700,000 followers.

“Grandma got the skills,”  wrote one commenter.

“You’re seriously so cool, wrote another.

A third and fourth commenter even joked that the movie Drumline featuring Nick Cannon has a bit of competition, saying “Drumline cast is shaking” and “Nick Cannon right now be like [ insert emoji].”

In a Drum Magazine interview in 2019, Taylor mentioned that she started drumming at 13 years old after joining a drum and bugle corps in her home state of Michigan. She also has her own classic rock band called Badlander and is a drummer for the All City Choir.

What can’t she do!?

Check out the TikTok video here and her YouTube channel.