Elon Musk mocks Hunter Biden over drug and sex photo leak

Elon Musk mocks Hunter Biden over drug and sex photo leak
Joe Biden inadvertently helped Hunter pay Russia-linked escorts: report

Elon Musk tweeted a meme mocking Hunter Biden for alleged photos and videos hacked from his phone that show drug use and sexual encounters.

On Wednesday, Musk posted a meme of a person wearing several cameras on their head with the caption 'Hunter Biden every time he buys crack and hookers:' Musk added "A+ for cinematography," to the tweet.

The meme is in reference to recent photos and videos that allegedly show Biden, 52, in the presence of crack cocaine and engaging in sexual encounters with women who are believed to be sex workers.

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The photos and videos were allegedly leaked from Biden's phone by supposed hackers who got into the first son's iCloud. Immediately the images and videos were circulated on 4Chan by posters claiming to be the hackers.

"Gives whole new meaning to Go Pros!" Musk added in a separate tweet.

The Secret Service toldNBC News they were aware of a potential hack, along with other federal law enforcement partners, but not in a position to officially comment on investigative actions.

Biden, has spoken openly about his struggle with crack cocaine and alcohol addiction. In his memoir Beautiful Things, he writes about the trauma he endured after surviving a car accident that killed his mother and sister in 1972. He added that following his brother Beau's death in 2015 he relapsed.

In 2019, Biden's family, including the President and First Lady, hosted an intervention for him, pleading with him to go to rehab.

"You know, my immediate reaction was to run," Biden told NPR. "My dad grabbed me and he held onto me and put me in a bear hug and just said, "I don't know what to do." And even with all of that love, the feeling that overcame that love was my need for another hit, which is a hard thing to live with."

"But that's what recovery is about — is getting honest with yourself and understanding the power of that drug or power of the addiction." Biden added.

Biden's struggle with addiction has been subject to media attention and scrutiny from people, including former president Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

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