People think this Elon Musk tweet is a cryptic nod to QAnon

People think this Elon Musk tweet is a cryptic nod to QAnon
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A cryptic tweet from Elon Musk is being put under a microscope after some suggested it was a nod to QAnon.

On Monday night, Musk, 51, took to the platform to implore others to "follow 🐰" just after releasing new information related to the Twitter Files.

Many interpreted the emoji usage as Musk's coy way of saying "follow the white rabbit" - a phrase used in Alice in Wonderland and The Matrix.


It refers to a person following clues that lead them down a "rabbit hole" of realizations.

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However, the phrase also has some close ties to the far-right group QAnon which has used "white rabbit" and "follow the white rabbit" to implore followers to do their own research in creating and understanding conspiracy theories.

Many Twitter users responded to Musk with allegations that he was falling into a QAnon-like hole.



On the flip side, some Twitter users, who seemed to support QAnon, responded excitedly to Musk.


One right-wing user made a reference to adrenochrome, a chemical compound subject to several QAnon conspiracy theories. The theories surrounding adrenochrome have been debunked.

Musk did not clarify whether he knowingly made the reference to QAnon, although he did offer some insight into his reasoning for making the tweet.

He responded to a tweet accusing him of "encouraging his 120 million followers to join a domestic terrorism movement," with jokes and sarcastic tweets.

"Bunny emojis are hate speech!!" Musk wrote.

He also responded with a "Lmaooo" to conservative comedians the Hodgetwins who called the previous Twitter user a "crazed leftist".

Later, Musk posted a clip from Monty Python and The Holy Grail where a white rabbit attacks the group and wrote, "This tutorial video explains the backstory."

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