Even Elon Musk is posting memes about Twitter closing down

Even Elon Musk is posting memes about Twitter closing down
Elon Musk gave Twitter employees an ultimatum: Go "hardcore" or leave

Twitter is in a state of disarray after CEO Elon Musk told his staff that the company's offices will be temporarily closed, effective immediately and won't be reopened until Monday 21st Monday.

There has been no official reason given for the move but it does coincide with reports that a large amount of staff members have quit Twitter after Musk gave them an ultimatum of either leaving or doing "long hours at high intensity" work.

Musk also reportedly told staff that they would need to comply with his new "extremely hardcore" work ethic or leave. Those who did not want to conform to this style of work would have until Thursday 17 November to confirm this and would then be given three months of severance pay.

Unsurprisingly, reports suggest that not many of the employees took Musk up on his offer and he's now facing a wave of resignations from the tech site which has led to complete chaos on the actual website for users.

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If you take a quick glance at Twitter right now you'll see a variety of hashtags such as #RIPTwitter and #TwitterDown trending as well as well as tweets about other platforms like Mastodon and Myspace.

It's essentially become a meme as people jump on what they think is a sinking ship for the final time.

Always eager to join in on a joke Musk even posted his own meme about Twitter's demise by using the classic Grant Gustin grave meme to either show that he is down with the jokesters or poke fun at those revelling in Twitter's demise.

Musk purchased Twitter for a staggering $44 billion less than a month ago but there has been widespread speculation about the future of the site ever since then with many of his new idea and features failing to gain traction. The website has seen a significant increase in the amount of issues reported on Twitter on Thursday alone.

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