Em the Nutritionist shares five valuable tips everyone needs to know

Em the Nutritionist shares five valuable tips everyone needs to know
Courtesy of Emily English

When it comes to health, nutrition, feeling good on the inside and outside, there's one person on everyone's radar: Em the Nutritionist.

Boasting a staggering 1.3 million Instagram followers, a catalogue of brand partnerships, her very own cookbook So Good and supplement brand epetōme, Emily English has become a household name in the wellness community.

Now, if there's one thing you should know about Emily – she's not a gatekeeper. She aims to transform the way people approach nutrition and bridge the gap between those who love food but also want to feel well.

And it's very clearly paying off...

In 2022, Emily had a healthy 126,000 Instagram followers. Today, she has 1.2 million.

Courtesy of Emily English

Speaking to Indy100, the nutritionist lifted the lid on five valuable tips everyone can incorporate into their own lives.

Your body isn’t a simple maths equation

"There are so many factors that can influence how we feel and how our body responds and reacts to our environment, from a bad night’s sleep, being dehydrated and our hormones. Once we take a more holistic and gentle approach to our wellness, it unlocks so many aspects of our lives."

It’s about what you can add rather than what you can take away

"Good nutrition is diverse nutrition, aiming for lots of colour, variety, and whole foods in our diet. So much of nutrition has been centred around guilt and restriction for so many years. I really want to show people that you can have it all. It’s that beautiful art of balance, feeding both your body and your mind with what makes you feel happy but also what makes you feel good inside."

Supplementation should support, not replace

"It’s definitely true that you cannot out-supplement a bad diet. Prioritise improving your nutritional habits, cooking from fresh, and including more whole foods rather than just popping pills. This doesn’t mean that supplements don’t have a place. I actually think they are an incredible way to support and optimise our health, but they don’t make you lazy."

Your gut is connected to every part of your well-being

"You are actually more microbe than you are human on a cellular level. Supporting your gut health impacts everything from immunity, affecting our mood, how well we are able to absorb the nutrients from our food, and everything in between. My biggest piece of advice is that every single time you eat, remember that you are eating for two, both you and your microbes."

Protein and fibre are the secret tools to help you feel satisfied

"So many times, people put together meals that lack protein and fibre. These are the two key aspects of our plates that are going to leave us full, satiated, and balanced. They help slow down digestion, reduce any blood sugar spikes, and avoid putting us onto that rollercoaster, which is going to leave us sluggish, tired, and fatigued. Ensuring every meal contains complex protein and fibre is one of the easiest ways to improve your nutrition."

Courtesy of Emily English

As for what people can expect from her hotly anticipated So Good drop, Emily said there will be meals that you recognise, but with her unique twists.

"I’ve tried to incorporate recipes that people make every day. Speedy breakfasts, freezable, family-friendly, and suitable for hosting friends. It’s the food you want to eat, designed by a Nutritionist, with every bite making you say, 'Wow, that was just so good.'"

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