Emily Ratajkowski says Celeste Barber 'feud' was 'blown out of proportion'

Emily Ratajkowski says Celeste Barber 'feud' was 'blown out of proportion'
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Model, My Body author and podcast host Emily Ratajkowski insisted the "feud" with comedian Celeste Barber was "blown out of proportion".

Earlier this year EmRata was asked by a podcast listener to share her thoughts on Barber's posts.

For the blissfully unaware, Barber frequently shares comedic takes on fellow celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and more.

In one post, she shared a collage of EmRata's photoshoot alongside her less glamour take, writing: "We are sick of objectifying our bodies. Also, here's my a**."

Another poked fun at the SKIMS' 'nipple bra', writing: "Just out here saving the world one nipple at a time."

During an April episode of High Low with EmRata, the model lifted the lid on the alleged "drama" after blocking Barber in 2021.

"This whole drama with Celeste has been blown out of proportion. In general, I find her to be really funny. But, [the] message I was trying to send to her was, 'I just don’t want you to do this to me anymore,'" EmRata said.

"[I want] to be able to do my thing, whether that be writing about my terrifying experiences in an industry that doesn’t protect women and young girls and femme-presenting people while also having a bathing suit line."

She also expressed in The Cut that she was not "giving her consent for this joke anymore."

"We really love to pick on female influencers like they are considered the trash, lamest, most cringe, most embarrassing people on the planet," she continued. "I fundamentally find that to be sexist. Yeah, no s*** women want to be influencers – it’s one of the ways that women have learned to be successful and make money. They’re hustling."

In an earlier interview with Marie Clairein January, comedian Barber said: "I like running my mouth off. I do it a lot. I’m quick-witted – it’s one of my favourite things about me.

"I don’t like that I feel I can’t do that as much, and yeah I do feel like I censor myself sometimes. But then other times I don’t give a f*** and I operate from a place of already being cancelled."

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