Meet the boss who lets staff have masturbation breaks

Meet the boss who lets staff have masturbation breaks
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We've heard of coffee breaks, bathroom breaks and smoke breaks – now one company has introduced a new type of timeout from the working day: Masturbation breaks.

Erika Lust, boss of adult entertainment company Erika Lust Films, offers her employees half-hour daily breaks in a bid to 'normalise' masturbation. There's even a private 'masturbation station' in their Barcelona office.

Lust said the new concept is because she "values her employees" and when they feel good, they work good.

The concept has also been well received by employees. One claims it helps to relieve stress with "less aggression" and "more productivity" in the workplace.

Brands have also jumped in on the action by providing sex toys to the office to ramp it up.

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Last month, Lust released a mini-documentary to celebrate Masturbation May, Masturbation Conversations.

Ittakes a deeper dive into the topic by asking volunteers about their 'self pleasure journey' with questions such as: "How did they discover masturbation? What were they taught about it growing up? How, when, and why do they masturbate? Do they talk about it with their partner, family, or children?"

'Masturbation Conversations' Mini-Doc by Erika Lust

While promoting the documentary on social media, Lust said masturbating could "have many benefits" but "for some reason just saying the word out loud makes some people feel funny, or even embarrassed."

"The truth is masturbation can help people manage stress, regulate their sleep, and connect with their body and sexual desires, among other advantages," the filmmaker continued.

The documentary has been well-received by the public with many thanking Lust for creating and sharing.

Indy100 have reached out to Erika Lust for comment.

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