A 'euthanasia boat ride' has been designed that you can only go on once

A 'euthanasia boat ride' has been designed that you can only go on once
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A design for a euthanasia boat ride that you can only go on once has gone viral on social media.

While the fatal design is an animated concept and not at all real, the idea of the trip seemed to intrigue many.

The interesting design of the ride was shared in a video uploaded to TikTok. A short clip of the contraption was posted on the social media platform by SM Costers with the caption: "Boat ride euthanasia – totally humane way to go."


Boat ride euthanasia - totally humane way to go

In the clip viewers can see that there is a sort of carriage that is sitting at the top of a large structure. As the video goes on we see that it then nudges over the edge and falls a significantly long way down as its falls to a pool at the bottom.

But the fall doesn't mark the end. After it lands, the carriage can be seen bouncing into the air before it lands back in the water.

Since it was posted two days ago, the video has been viewed more than 7.4 million times. Naturally, there are so many people with strong thoughts who expressed their fears and concerns with the boat ride in the comments.

"i was definitely expecting the water to be deeper," wrote one person to which the poster replied: "The water was actually really deep… for some reason the boat bounced like that idk why."

Someone else said, "the pause at the edge to give them a moment of regret and panic 🤌."

":this could have devastating effects on the trout population," another person joked.

"My toxic trait is thinking I could survive this," wrote another as someone else said, "where do i buy tickets."

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