Couple go viral for going on non-refundable trip after they've broken up

Couple go viral for going on non-refundable trip after they've broken up
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A woman has gone viral on TikTok after she documented the non-refundable holiday she went on with her “ex boyfriend” - but there’s a twist.

The pair booked the trip to the Dominican Republic two months ago, but have since apparently parted ways.

But the twist is that not everyone believes the couple were ever apart...

Two weeks ago TikToker Lydia Bird uploaded a clip of her ex walking ahead of her in an airport along with the on-screen text: “POV you and your ex bought a non-refundable, international spring break trip”.

She captioned the video: “Wish us luck”.

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Since uploading the clip, it has received 11.9 million views, 2.2 million likes, and 4,700 comments.

Commenters are convinced the trip will lead to the couple rekindling their romance with one viewer remarking: “Yep, they’re def gonna hook up”.

Another said: “$20 they get back together”.


wish us luck #exboyfriend #ex #springbreak #fyp

They’ve since uploaded a couple of videos together where they make fun of the situation. In one clip, she joked: “If life ever feels boring just go with your ex on a tropical vacation after not talking”.


definitely spiced up routinue #ex #fyp #vacation

Once they got to the hotel, she posted an update.

“They gave us one bed when we requested 2,” she wrote. At the bottom of the screen she added: “Ty DR” (presumably meaning “thank you Dominican Republic”).

“Hotel clerks saw the TikToks,” one viewer commented.


follow for more updates #fyp #ex #springbreak #exboyfriend

Despite apparently rowing over how much time she spent on her phone, he “knows her angles” so managed to get some good Instagram snaps.

She has since uploaded other cute videos of the pair hanging out together.

In one video, they’re seen cuddling beside the pool.

One viewer remarked: “This not your ex anymore”.

"This don’t look like ex behavior," another said.


more updates #fyp #ex #exboyfriend

In another video, they go to kiss each other and pull away at the last second. In the comment section of this video, she wrote: “Also we are exs check @dumbblonde493 for proof lol, keep watching for updates.”

On the account she linked, the bio reads: “It’s dark humour let’s relax”.


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