Woman sparks debate by taking neighbours old furniture and immediately selling it

Woman sparks debate by taking neighbours old furniture and immediately selling it
How a chair bought from Facebook Marketplace for $50 sold at auction …
Mizter Justin Miller, TikTok

A woman who took her neighbour's old furniture and resold it on Facebook Marketplace has sparked a debate online.

TikTok creator Andrea (@avocandreatoast) shared how she planned on making some extra money, after getting the items for free and reselling them.

"Someone in the apartment doesn't know what Facebook Marketplace is. I keep seeing free stuffy lying around," she says in the viral clip.

Andrea explains that she took the bookcase for herself, but also noticed a decent desk and frame lying around, which she also rehomed to sell on.

"I was just shocked at how pretty the frame was and why they weren't even attempting to sell the desk on Facebook Marketplace. And then I got the genius idea to do it myself," she said.

She then went on to tell viewers that the desk she had advertised online had already sold.

"I put it on for $20, got a million requests for it, and someone picked it up within two hours," she shared.


another day, another dollar 🤣🤑 I don't know what I'd do without facebook marketplace and I'm amazed that some people don't use it #facebookmarketplacefinds #facebookmarketplacefurniture #fyp #sideincomeideas #sellingfurniture

It didn't take long for Andrea's entrepreneurial thinking to strike up a divisive conversation in the comments.

"Imagine you're scrolling through FB marketplace and see the furniture you set outside for free," one person joked.

It also seems Andrea wasn't the first to have the thought, with one viewer commenting they had made $2,000 over two years by reselling other peoples' items.

Meanwhile, others expressed their thoughts on Facebook Marketplace, suggesting it could have been the reason for the original owner avoiding the platform.

"I stopped selling stuff on FB marketplace because it's such a hassle. 800 'is this available?' messages and then 800 people ghosting." Wrote one.

Another added: "I've had no luck with Facebook marketplace. Every person so far that's [messaged] about [an] item they don't show up."

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