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The High Court has ruled that the government does not have the power to trigger Article 50 through the royal prerogative, but Faisal Islam's scarf is somewhat stealing the lime light.

On Thursday the Sky News political editor was reporting from outside the High Court on one of the Court's most momentous decisions which could drastically change the shape of Brexit and Britain's future.

It's 9 degrees celsius right now, Islam was wearing a scarf.

A brightly coloured stripey scarf, which most of the viewing public was getting distracted by.

Frankly he's asking for it if he's going to wear such loud knits.

How can anyone expect to take him seriously at work if he's going to present himself like this?

Some commented on the Tom Baker chicness of the scarf.

Islam didn't help matters when he described the outcome of the Court's decision as akin to:

a break in the space time continuum

Islam broke the (more important) news regarding the style of his scarf.

Mystery solved.

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