Woman finds out that her diamond ring is fake at NBA game and storms out

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A woman did not react kindly to the news that her diamond ring was fake.

The wife-to-be was in for a surprise during an NBA game she attended with her fiancé for the Portland Trailblazers versus the Atlanta Hawks.

In a viral clip, the woman was filmed having the Atlanta team's mascot check the authenticity of her diamond ring.

From the start, the woman didn't seem to be too confident that her ring would pass the test as she looked over at her fiancé, and as expected the buzzer signalled that the ring was indeed a knockoff.

"That's going to be a rough flight home," said one sports commentator.

Afterwards, the woman threw her ring in disgust at the man's face and was filmed walking away.

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See the video here:

Now, it's unclear whether or not the event was staged or real, but one thing is for sure: sports fans couldn't believe what they just witnessed.

"😂😭 Diamond testers should be BANNED >>>" wrote one user.

"How embarrassing 😂 my man would never 🤣" another said.

Another person wrote, "nah why they followed her out like she just lost game 7😂😂😂😂"

"They followed her to the back like an episode of Maury LMAOOO" laughed another user.

There were also some unconvinced fans who were surprised so many people didn't realize that this was staged.

One person said in disbelief, "This is obviously staged....why y'all crying in the comments?"

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