Fitness influencer hits back after being slammed by Joey Swoll

Fitness influencer hits back after being slammed by Joey Swoll
I'm a fitness influencer and I eat 100 eggs a day
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A fitness influencer has hit back after facing criticism from Joey Swoll for “filming her butt” in the gym.

With the rise of social media, many fitness influencers now use platforms to document their daily lives and workout regimes.

But, one fitness influencer has taken heat from body-builder Swoll, who often uses his platform to point out what he believes is poor gym etiquette, leading to some accusations that his content is fuelling “misogyny”.

In one recent video, Swoll hit out at fitness influencer Addison Elisa, who shared a clip of herself filming her “gains” in the mirror when a man walked past the room she was in and looked, appearing to make her feel uncomfortable.

Text overlaying Elisa’s clip read: “POV: You’re admiring your gains, but so is the random guy walking past the room.”

Taking to his own YouTube, Swoll reposted Elisa’s video and proceeded to give his own thoughts about it.

Filming her BUTT for the entire internet to see, but upset a man walking bye looks in at her?! 😵💫

Swoll said: “Filming your a** for the entire internet to see, but you’re upset a guy walking by looks in to see what you’re doing? How does that even make sense?”

His video has been liked more than 90,000 times and led to Elisa issuing a response following a rise in the number of people coming to her page to criticise her.

In the caption, she explained: “I understand your intent when you post is to bring light to things, and accountability has been taken by me.”

Elisa claimed that Swoll’s video had prompted people to DM her with awful comments.

She added: “However, @joeyswoll you’re the one that made it seem like I was pinning myself to be sexualized and now your followers believe it’s okay to be in my DM’s telling me to off myself because of YOUR public misinterpretation.

“Do better and take accountability for the hatred that comes because of your actions as well.”

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