These are the five body parts we're not washing enough, says doctor

These are the five body parts we're not washing enough, says doctor
You're probably showering the wrong way: Hygiene expert

Each of us has our own routine when it comes to washing ourselves, but there are five parts of our body that we're not washing enough according to one doctor.

Dr. Jen Caudle (@drjencaudle), a family physician, med school professor and TV health expert, who has over 96,000 followers on TikTok has revealed in a video some of the areas we should be paying more attention to.

At the top of this list is the belly button - apparently not enough of us are giving our navel a good old scrub.

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“That’s right, a lot of guys don’t wash their belly button at all," Dr Caudle said.

“Guys, it gets gross! Please wash your belly button."

Ears were the second body part to be mentioned, given the different crevices that need to be cleaned, as the doctor pointed out.

“The top of the ear, behind this little area here, the back and also the lobe," she explained.

“I want you to specifically wash that area. If you rub your ear, you smell it and it’s gross, you haven’t washed it recently,”

Thirdly, we're not washing our fingernails which can harbour germs and dirt.

“This is where a lot of dirt and grossness gets trapped,” she noted. "We don’t often think about it!"


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Dr Caudle then weighed into the age-old debate of whether soap running down our legs means that they're clean - they're not.

"Yes, you actually need to wash your legs," she said, and then specified.

"I’m not talking about letting that soap run down your legs in the shower, I’m talking about washing!"

Our little piggies also need a thorough clean - and the doctor really wants us to get stuck into washing inbetween.

“Get in between those toes,” she advised. “You want to make sure you’re preventing infections of many sorts. Make sure you’re deliberately washing your toes!”Since sharing this advice, Dr Caudle's video has since gone viral with over 1.6m views, 170,000 likes, along with thousands of comments from people who couldn't believe some didn't know to wash these areas.

One person said: "What’s going on with folks not washing themselves."

"The fact that this has to be told to adults is astonishing," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "And the back of the neck!! people neglect that area alot!!! lol"

"I don’t like my belly button touched lol it makes me nauseous and lightheaded," a fourth person commented.

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