How do you chop an onion? The answer seems simple and universal, but there are many methods.

These all have a common aim: to avoid the tears that pour forth during the dicing.

When you chop an onion enzymes mix and emit a sulphur compound gas which, when in contact with water of your eyes, forms sulphuric acid.

To try to combat this process, the Huffington Post have tested a variety of these fabled methods to stop crying, so you don’t have to subject yourself to the inhumanity.

1. Mechanical chopper

This eliminates much of the contact with the onion, and usually involves pressing the onion through blades into a sealed container. Meaning that the vapours that the onion emits do not travel to your eyes.

2. Goggles

Again, the vapours cannot get to your eyes. So no crying! However, they do look a bit awkward in the kitchen.

You can by special onion goggles for this very procedure, but at $20, they are a bit pricey.

3. Light a candle

This method seemed to work, perhaps meaning the candle burned off some of the irritants released by the onion.

4. Freeze the onion

This method works completely, with the caveat that the onion is much harder, your fingers will probably go numb with cold, and you may have difficulties with subsequent cooking if you do not wait for it to unfreeze.

It also requires the time taken to freeze the vegetable.

5. Cut the root last

The benefit is that this method requires the least preparation and expense, but the downturn is that it’s quite a difficult method to execute.

Make sure you have a sharp knife and even sharper skills, otherwise you could do yourself more damage than the tears you’re trying to avoid!

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