Flat Earther claims entire continents containing 'aliens' are being kept secret

Flat Earther claims entire continents containing 'aliens' are being kept secret

Flat Earther claims entire continents containing aliens are being kept hidden from us


Flat Earth conspiracy theorist David Weiss has now claimed aliens live in hidden parts of the Earth. Weiss initially wanted to disprove flat earth but then became part of the conspiracy.

On a podcast with James English he explained: "I was doing really well and I'm looking into this flat earth thing and I said 'oh it's so stupid, of course we know the Earth is not flat. I mean how could it be flat? This is crazy what about all the other planets?"

"But then I uh tried to disprove flat earth. I'm gonna prove all you flat earthers to be dum-dums and I'm just gonna be done with it, and that's how you become a flat earther."

He explained that his biggest turning point was discovering a map - said to have been made in Tibet tens of thousands of years ago - that shows our familiar continents surrounded by a ring of ice. Beyond the ring are new contents and lands, with names such as Hapis and Thoth The Moving Island.

Weiss asked, "all those extra continents, what's going on out there?"

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Instead of extraterrestrials from outer space visiting our planet, Weiss believes that any unknown creatures that have been spotted have instead come from the lands beyond the ring of ice. Adding that UFOs are clearly from a base in these secret lands.

"If there are people that live out there and they came to visit us, you might consider them an extraterrestrial from outer space."

"Space travel is nonsense because space doesn't exist - but if they're coming from the outer lands they're right here."

Weiss also stated that the discovery of the secret land helps explain the question many flat earthers are frequently asked, which is - why would anyone try to hide the shape of the planet?

"It's to control the human race," he explained. "Your thoughts create the world that you're in - and if they can limit your thoughts they can put you in the Matrix. The heliocentric system, the globe, is a matrix. It's a matrix for your mind and it limits your thoughts."

The Earth is Flat and Aliens Live Among Us - David Weiss Tells His

He also added that the sun, moon, and are planets are "sentient", and does not believe the sun to be a huge ball of gas in space, but in fact a living entity.

The idea of the moon being sentient explains, for Weiss, why the moon landing is fake, saying "there's so many issues" and that cameras "wouldn't even work on the moon." And in fact, the moon landing was a ploy "to keep you believing the lie" that the Earth is flat."

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