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In an act of kindness, one travelling Mother took the time to make gift bags and write notes for her fellow passengers, just in case her child disrupted their flight.

According to the South China Morning Post, a mother boarding a China Eastern Flights on Tuesday handed out gift bags to the other passengers sitting with her in first class and to members of the cabin crew.

They contained ear plugs, some confectionery, and a handwritten note in which she apologised in advance for any crying her daughter might do during the three-hour journey.

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The note, as translated by the South China Morning Post, read:

It’s not my first long-distance trip but my mum takes care of me alone and worries that I may cry and disturb you. After all, the change of air pressure in the plane will make me fret.

An image of it was shared on the China social media platform WeChat by one of the flight attendants, who told the Ningbo Evening News that the baby (and mother for that matter) were both well behaved and tidy.

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