This food hack shows that you've been peeling boiled eggs wrong for your entire life

Greg Evans
Tuesday 07 January 2020 15:45

Food hacks come in all shapes and forms but we never ceased to be amazed when we stumble across a new one that virtually changes our entire perception of the world.

The latest one to blow our minds shows us that we have been making boiled eggs all wrong.

As far as the boiling of the egg, don't worry, you are doing that absolutely fine but it is the peeling of the egg which is notoriously tricky.

Well, prepare to have your life changed by this nine-second video.

All you need to do is once you have successfully boiled the egg simply put it in a glass of water and rattle it around for a few seconds.

Then take it out of the glass and the skin should be able to easily slide the shell off in one piece.

The video has since gone viral and it appears to have worked for some people.

Do you need to use hot or cold water though? These are the questions that we need the answers to.

Also; don't do it with a raw egg...

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