The statue of the ‘Four Lads in Jeans’ meme has finally been unveiled – and it's quite something

The statue of the ‘Four Lads in Jeans’ meme has finally been unveiled – and it's quite something

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It was certainly one of the more simplistic images to become an internet meme, but the snap of ‘four lads in jeans’ hanging outside an All Bar One in Birmingham has now been immortalised in a bronze statue – though people aren’t pleased by the end result.

The artwork isn’t exactly flattering, but considering it was created by Brummie papier-mâché artist Well Douglas – known online as Tat Vision – it seems that was rather the point.

The installation is part of the Birmingham Weekender event, with a description of the statue on the Birmingham Hippodrome website reading: “A tribute [to] the Four Lads in Jeans inspired by them old Greek statues.

“These four men are ready for an adventure just like the first bit in Homer’s Odyssey, before the adventure.”

And to think it all started in pre-pandemic 2019, when one of the chaps named Connor uploaded the innocent snap of him and mates Alex, Jamie and Kevin to Instagram with the caption: “Tight trousers chose us.”

After it was shared to a Facebook meme page, it went viral, sparking sea shanty videos and more.

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News of the statue of the four Coventry and Birmingham chaps surfaced earlier this week, but it was only on Saturday that the fruits of Tat Vision’s labour was finally unveiled to the world.

Except Twitter isn’t exactly keen:

Others were low-key on board with it:

While some were comparing it to that statue of Cristiano Ronaldo:

And if that wasn’t silly enough, there’s a 60-metre slip and slide installed on the city’s Central Street which ticketholders can slide down for free.

Oh Birmingham, we love you.

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