The young fox
The young fox

A young fox was rescued after being discovered under the passenger seat of a classic car — after it had driven for 15 miles.

The RSPCA was called to rescue the furry stowaway after it was uncovered by mechanics at a garage near Plumpton Green, East Sussex on Tuesday.

When the mechanics started to look at the classic Alfa Romeo they spotted the small fox curled up under the bolted-down seat.

He had been driven for 15 miles by the unsuspecting driver, from his home in Hove to the garage.

RSPCA inspector Kate Barnes said: “I think the mechanics had quite a shock when they were faced with this fox cub – luckily he was totally unharmed by his ordeal and is big enough to be able to survive after being released back into the wild.

“We have had lots of rain recently so it may have been that he was looking for some shelter and didn’t realise he was about to be taken on a trip through Sussex.”

The fox was unharmed by the ordeal, and taken back to Hove, and released.

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