Supermarket suggests serving a full English in an Easter egg and people are baffled

Supermarket suggests serving a full English in an Easter egg and people are baffled
This Is Why We Eat Chocolate Bunnies for Easter

Easter is the one weekend where it's socially acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast. But one supermarket took it to the next level with a bizarre suggestion to combine the sweet treat with a full English.

Aldi took to their Twitter account with a wacky Easter breakfast creation: a classic fry up served in an Easter egg chocolate bowl.

The supermarket shared an image of the concoction, writing: "Don’t let your beans run off the plate, serve your Easter breakfast in a bowl instead. And with this one, you can eat it once you’re done."

Naturally, the suggestion turned the stomachs of the nation. Many users were jokingly concerned about Aldi's welfare: "Aldi, is everything ok at home? What's gotten into u?"

Aldi hilariously responded to one user, saying: "We sell canoes and limited edition angel delights in the same aisle of course we aren't okay."

A third jested: "Suspect this egg would break fast."

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Of course, the suggestion was all in good humour as the supermarket followed up with more wacky suggestions.

Brands such as Weetabix and Heinz got involved in the Easter fun.

Heinz said they'd be releasing a special edition tin of Salted Caramel Beanz. They wrote: "We see your English Breakfast and we raise you Salted Caramel Beanz. The only Beanz that belong in an Easter egg this weekend…"

Guinness World Records said their "eyes were burning."

Even Manchester police got involved on the fun, responding: "We investigated a similar case last year with @HeinzUK & @Weetabix... I do hope this isn’t a copycat case @AldiUK otherwise I’ll have to send it to our eggcellent major incident team to investigate with all the other cereal killers!"

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