Heinz replaces sausage with avocado in ketchup advert – and some people are outraged

<p>People couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Heinz replaced traditional sausages with avocado in a fry-up</p>

People couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Heinz replaced traditional sausages with avocado in a fry-up


Heinz has sparked a debate over a ketchup advert featuring a fry-up – with some full English breakfast purists losing their minds over what’s on the plate.

A screengrab of the TV advert, shared on Twitter, features a plate filled with all the usual breakfast staples, such as bacon, eggs, tomato, beans, and a slice of toast. So far, so normal.

However, people started having their say over one particular element: the fact that the plate features slices of avocado – and no sausage.

People were also horrified over the food being so spaced apart on the plate. Others didn’t understand why it was ciabatta toast, or why the beans were neatly segregated in a bowl.

The image was flagged by comedian Joe Heenan, who was baffled by several elements of the plate, including the “crappy streaky bacon”, the “beans in a wee stupid bowl” and the “Avof***ingcado!!

Heenan concluded: “No wonder this country’s f***ed.”

After Heenan’s tweet gained traction, comedian Jason Manford shared his frustration at the fry-up with a modern twist – even going as far as describing it as “cultural appropriation.”

He tweeted: “Someone needs a word with @HeinzUK!”, joking that the company had “butchered” the beloved British classic.

“Well, no actually you’ve ‘un-butchered’, where’s the sausage my friend!!” Manford joked.

Though he did concede that Heinz are his favourite beans with the hashtag: “#CancelHeinz#NotReallyTheyMakeTheBestBeans

Many others also joined in complaining about Heinz’s depiction of a traditional fry-up.

Some were confused as to where to put the ketchup should go...

Meanwhile, other shared photos of what they believe a true fry-up should look like...

It’s unclear when the advert aired, but Heinz appear to have already redeemed themselves after sharing a different image of a traditional full English on their Twitter this week, which seemed to appease people.

Clearly Heinz thinks its ketchup is for everyone, whether you’re an avocado-love or partial to a sausage – which is a sentiment we can get on board with.

indy100 has contacted Heinz for comment.

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