Gamer 'confesses' to murder with accidental butt-dial

Gamer 'confesses' to murder with accidental butt-dial
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Official Snow Brawl Year 7 Event …

A man who was playing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege accidentally butt-dialed 911 and “confessed” to the murder of two people – and cops raided his home.

In a post from the Twitter account GUARD Hunter (@HUN2R), the nerve-inducing situation happened to the gamer known as Elijah as he played the online shooter game at home.

The account also shared a comment from his friend who noted that after dialed 911, an operator overheard him saying, “I killed two people”.

The operator was unaware that this was a harmless comment about the game.

“I was in an Xbox party while this happened. They had [an] AR to his head. They thought it was a double homicide. The cops showed up in less than two minutes. He noticed his dog barking, and he knew he had to walk outside,” the friend explained, according to an image shared by GUARD Hunter.

The moment was also captured on camera.

Naturally, Elijah looked shocked when he went outside.

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His friend further explained that he was shaking as the cops searched his house.

“He was frightened for a gun being pointed at him for the first time,” the friend continued before noting that an officer tried to calm Elijah down by asking who his favourite Rainbow Six Siege operator was.

Fortunately, Elijah was not hurt, and the situation didn’t escalate to something worse.

Once people became of the situation, they understood how scary that is.

However, they felt the police responded correctly to a potentially dangerous situation.

One person wrote: “Excellent job by the officers, stayed calm and let him explain the situation. They still had to verify his story, but the interaction seemed as peaceful as it could get.”

“Damn, lmfao. But that’s some good officers right there. Stayed calm and let him explain the situation,” another added, echoing the same sentiment.

A third wrote: “I mean… ya really can’t be too mad at the cops for this one. Never heard of an accidental swatting before, lol. At least everybody came out unharmed!”

Elijah’s unfortunate moment is similar to people who were victims of swatting, which is an illegal act of making a prank call to emergency services to bring armed officers to someone else’s location.

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