Woman who faced backlash for drinking coffee in her garden calls experience 'bittersweet'

Woman who faced backlash for drinking coffee in her garden calls experience 'bittersweet'
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A few days ago, a woman logged onto and shared a vignette from her life.

"My husband and I wake up every morning and bring our coffee out to our garden and sit and talk for hours," @lilpantmami told the world. "Every morning. It never gets old & we never run out of things to talk to. Love him so much."

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It seemed innocuous enough, but people took offence to it and slammed her lifestyle, seemingly seeing her as overprivileged:

The internet atmosphere got so tense, she even posted a follow-up tweet explaining that she and her husband "are not rich by any means."

"We’ve worked extremely hard to get to where we’re at," she said. "We live very minimally and consciously & work jobs that match our lifestyle and allow us to live the life that we do."

Then came those defending the woman, confused as to why people were so irate about someone having coffee:

And some people just didn't understand why the tweet went viral in the first place:

Speaking toindy100 Daisey, or the 'garden coffee lady' said the negativity that came from the viral tweet hadn't affected her "because I don't engage with them in any way".

"I didn’t expect such a huge response, especially a response of negativity," she added.

"But quickly the negative comments were drowned with thousands and thousands of people being so kind and positive and spreading love around the post.

"It’s been kind of bittersweet, at first seeing all of the hateful comments, but then the good and kind always ending up on top is so sweet and rewarding".

The internet is truly a strange place.

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