Oldham Council's weird attempt at publicity obviously received some hilarious replies
Oldham Council

Councils aren’t the sexiest of things, let’s be honest. So we can forgive staff for thinking outside the box now and again to try and engage their local community before they all drown in a sea of leaflets on wheelie bins and council tax.

Except, it seems people haven’t been quite so forgiving of one council for its latest attempt to reach out to citizens.

Oldham Council sent a tweet out to its residents inviting them to help name its new gritter.

This is how Twitter responded:

Some went straight in for the obvious:

Some went highbrow:

Some used the opportunity to go political:

Sadly, it turns out the competiton is only open to children. This suggestion is probably more on the right level:

Did we learn NOTHING from Boaty McBoatface?

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