This ex-Obama aide's moving story about the Barack Obama shows why he's worlds away from Donald Trump

Twitter / @whoisgarlee; Getty Images / Mark Wilson / Staff

An Twitter user's heartwarming story about an encounter with Barack Obama is being shared everywhere - because how could you read it and not tell everyone?

Second generation immigrant Gary Lee started off his tweet thread with a sad comment on the current state of the White House, a stark contrast with the administration that Donald Trump replaced.

But it ended with a remarkable tale detailing Lee's rise from college to the White House, his moving encounter with Barack Obama and the hope he still holds for his country.

Remarkably, this was Lee's first ever tweet.

Lee mentioned Trump's racist comments that have emerged this week.

This included calling a female intelligence analyst a "pretty Korean lady" and pressing on her where she was from.

Earlier in the week, the President also drew fire for his remark on "shithole countries".

Lee describes an encounter with Obama that couldn't differ more from Trump's comments.

Lee paid tribute to the symbolism of the moment.

And the incredible story that brought him to where he is today.

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