'Relgious zealots' walk away from house after noticing 'gay' doormat

'Relgious zealots' walk away from house after noticing 'gay' doormat
I lived in an ultra-religious 'cult' where being sick was God's 'punishment'
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A couple who has a colourful doormat with an LGBTQ+ friendly message was able to see its effect first-hand when two "religious zealots" were putting off from knocking on their door because of it.

Jamie Foust (@jamie.foust94) and her wife captured the moment on their doorbell camera where two men sporting shirts and ties walked up to the front door.

"My wife and I recently got a new door mat [sic]," Foust explained in her caption, which she says ended up being "a great investment."

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The mat itself has a rainbow-coloured border with the words "gayest place in town" in bold 70s-style writing, and it turns out the two guys weren't a fan of the design as Foust noted the mat had the "added benefit of keeping religious zealots from knocking on our door to tell us about their god."

In the 10-second clip, the two men quickly clock the doormat as they walk up to the property and one of them could be heard saying "Okay... nope," as they decided against knocking on Foust's door and left.

A camera managed to capture the moment "religious zealots" were confronted with Foust's "gayest place in town," doormat and they then decided against knocking on her and her wife's doorTikTok/jamie.foust94

Since posting, the video has received 5m views, over 648,000 likes, and thousands of comments from people who found the power of Foust's doormat.

One person wrote: "Isn't their job to "save" you? They failed the "mission"!!"

"THE FACT THAT IT ACTUALLY WORKED," another person said.

Someone else added: "PLEASE the way they just walk away they’re afraid of the rainbow."

"Priceless," a fourth person commented.

There was also a demand in the comments for Foust to reveal what the design looked like and where she purchased her doormat from, and in a follow-up TikTok, she gave the people what they wanted.

"For everyone asking this is the door mat [sic] I have on my porch. I got it from Target during Pride Month," she wrote in on-screen text.

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