Gay women have these five pieces of advice for straight men

Love is anything but easy, whatever gender you have a preference for.

But sometimes looking at things from a different perspective can help. We've rounded up the best of advice from gay women for straight men below.

1. Communicate

As Cosmo notes, sex is a two-way straight. Ask a woman what she wants, and be vocal in return. Nothing's better in bed than all parties enjoying themselves. As Ali Adler, the author of How to F--k a Woman, notes, it's all about coming together.

2. Tell her you like her body

As Kate Moore notes on Men's Health, women spend their lives being told they are not quite attractive or sexy or interesting enough. "Try to feel alluring and sensual under those conditions." So if you think your partner is all of those things, tell them.

3. Help her relax without patronising her

As Zara Barrie notes on Elite Daily, nothing enrages people more than being told to calm down.

The way to calm us down is by listening to us and being that nice, calm energy that balances our neuroses out.

4. The litmus test

As lesbian author Adler tells Mic, "the vagina never lies".

If she isn't wet enough and she's telling you she's into it, that she's all ready for your fat wiener, she's a liar. You simply haven't done enough to get her going, or she's just not into you.

5. But most importantly

Everyone is different, as Katie Anne Holton advises a husband looking to better satisfy his wife, on Quora.

Treat your wife like an individual who knows what she does and does not enjoy. Respect her words.

That's the best lesbian advice I can give you. Treat the women in your life like adults who know themselves.

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