Gen X insists it’s the superior generation in meme war with millennials

<p>Gen X were the centre of attention when they began trending on Twitter</p>

Gen X were the centre of attention when they began trending on Twitter

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A graphic labelling the different generations, from Baby Boomers to Gen Z has generated a debate online - and it appears Gen X believe they are the best of all.

Typically, there is always an ongoing conversation with people defending and arguing why their generation takes the crown.

Baby Boomers, Millennials and Gen Z are the one the make the most headlines, in one viral tweet Gen X have argued that their generation is underrated.

Twitter user, Sonia - a Gen Xer herself - shared a graphic depicting the different generations with cartoons of women at the various ages they would be at present.

Gen Z is the group born between 1995-2015, with Millennials born 1980-1994, Gen X as 1965-1979 and Baby Boomers between 1944-1964.

Soon, the tweet when viral with over 13,000 likes and started trending as a result.

It also sparked thousands of comments from people - in particular those from Gen X making their case.

They argued that they had the “best of both” with emerging technology but while also being able have an enjoyable childhood playing outdoors.

A few people were confused as to why Gen X was trending - they’re not exactly known for it.

Though some Gen X weren’t happy with the new attention.

Meanwhile some complimented Gen X’s laid back attitude.

Elsewhere, some Gen X’ers took a trip down memory lane and shared photos nostalgic photos during their youth.

There are around 65 million Gen Xers in the United States, The New York Times reported.

In the UK, there are around 13.96 million Gen Xers, making them the third largest generation behind baby boomers and millennials, according to Statistica.

Gen Xers have also been labelled the “MTV Generation” due to the cultural influence the music channel had on the youth when it launched in 1981.

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