Gen Z influencer blasts 9-5 working day: 'It is not something I am willing to do'

Gen Z influencer blasts 9-5 working day: 'It is not something I am willing to do'
Gen Z influencer in tears as she complains of working 9-5 job
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A man has called out 9-to-5 culture and come up with a much better solution – and he might be on to something.

Anthony Voulgaris (@undiagnosedadhd9) shared his ideal working situation, saying it would give everyone such a "beautiful life."

In his viral clip that's racked up over a million views on TikTok, Voulgaris said working 9 to 5 "is not something I am willing to do, it is something I want to do, and it is not something I particularly plan for myself."

He said he also doesn't want anyone he loves to live that lifestyle either. Fair.

"Whoever designed society, I think they designed it wrong! You know, they designed it with flaws," he shared.

Instead, he pitched the idea of a 9 to 2 society, which he called "perfect."

"Five hours a day, I get that fulfilment, I'm achieving my goals – but then 2pm onwards is party time," he continued. "Two, on a nice day, I get to go to the beach. On a bad day, I get to go home and make a nice, hearty meal – and spend the night watching a movie."

Inevitably, his clip was flooded with fellow TikTokers supporting his hypothetical work life.

"Omg 9-2 would restore my will to live," one person wrote, while another added: "9-2 would be peak productivity and work-life balance for me."

A third suggested: "Unpopular opinion I would prefer a 9-2 than a four day work week."

"I HAVE BEEN SAYING THIS!!! I don’t hate work I just hate having NO TIME in the 9-5 system," another viewer wrote.

While Voulgaris ideal work life is nothing more than a dream for the corporate world, remote jobs are still thriving – despite an ongoing debate regarding location.

However, a recent study revealed that whether the work is completed at home – or in the office – it barely makes a difference to productivity.

If anything, some may argue that it offers employees a healthier work-life balance and strengthens independence through managing your own workload.

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