Gen Z shares the hilarious ways they communicate with older work colleagues

Gen Z shares the hilarious ways they communicate with older work colleagues
Doja Cat roasts her own 'contractual' Taco Bell jingle on TikTok before ...

When it comes to workplace communication, Gen Z have proven they dance to the beat of their own drum in the best way - as their entertaining responses to older co-workers demonstrate.

TikToker Carlea Oldani (@carleaoldani) highlighted this through her TikTok where she can be seen typing on her laptop as the overlay text read: "*Co-workers with 10-15 year age gaps*" then underneath "Me a full function adult:" where she then pans the screen round to reveal her Slack app where she wanted to hear people's thoughts on her idea.

Now instead of taking the time to write out a full sentence, Oldani was able to encapsulate her message in just one word: "Thoughtsies?"

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Since sharing a funny video, Oldani's TikTok has received 4.5m views, over 555,000 likes, along with plenty of comments from fellow Zoomers who also use their lingo in the workplace - and some of their examples are pretty hilarious.


just trying to work so i can afford to go swim with the dolphies #youngthug

One person wrote: "Omg I got reprimanded for saying to someone 'live laugh love that idea, Carol.'”

"I asked for help by saying 'I’m all blues no clues' and got told not to ask for help like that again," another person said.

Someone else added: "Someone on my team today told our director 'we love a self aware king' in a zoom meeting."

"Me saying 'jk I lied' when I make a mistake," a fourth person added.

Other responses included:

  • "When my bosses friends call I tell him "besties on line 2,"
  • "Just said 'well thats not very fergalicious of him' in my corporate work chat."
  • "I said the vibes were off in a meeting a few weeks ago."
  • "I say 'love that for you' very freely lol"
  • "Yesterday in the teams chat with everyone I said 'going to lunchy' with the squirrel eating nuts emoji. and my boss hearted it."
  • "I fully said 'the math’s not mathing' to my boss when an excel pivot table wasn’t working on a call this week
  • "Me when I reply with 'boooooo ):' when I don’t get my budgets approved lmao"
  • "Me answering 'samesies' when my boss tells me he’s had a busy day."
  • "I call my boss '✨bosstie✨' in all our group chats"
But Oldani isn't the only person to point out the idiosyncrasies of Gen Z, particularly in a workplace setting as activewear brand Fox & Robin (@foxandrobin) gave an insight into their company emails - and it's a fun read.
"POV: you start a new company and you only hire Gen Z," the on-screen text read before showing off the different ways colleagues would sign off their emails.
Firstly with Fawzia signing off writing: "Hasta la pasta :-)," Joey included a warning underneath with "Don't cross me," while Nicole chose a comic sans font and signed the email "Nicole, out."
"Talk soon loser," "Hate you," "Apologies for existing : ')", "You're the best boss ever (lol jk), "Insert pleasantry here," "Kill me" and "Whoever invented corporate America needs to be punished," were some of the unique ways employees ended their emails.

It’s a Gen Z world, I’m just their millennial boss #genz #millenialboss #millenialsoftiktok #startup

"It's a Gen Z world, I'm just their millennial boss," the caption joked.

Since sharing some of the humorous emails, the TikTok has received 1.7m views, along with nearly 230,000 likes and plenty of comments from people who were entertained and inspired by the employees' creativity.

One person wrote: "Look how great life could be without professional formalities."

"Ending all my emails with 'Kill me' from now on," another person said.

Someone else added: "I like this new generation."

"'I'm elevating my 'cheers' to 'cheers.... don't cross me,' a fourth person commented.

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