German shepherd born without back paws learning to walk with prosthetics

German shepherd born without back paws learning to walk with prosthetics

A young dog who was born without his hind legs and paws is learning how to walk – all thanks to a set of custom-made prosthetics.

The German shepherd mix named Ryder has had his life transformed after being fitted with the prosthetic legs and paws.

Ryder had to learn to walk with his brand-new limbs and, in heartwarming footage, can be seen attempting to walk with them, in a slightly wobbly fashion.

The new prosthetics Ryder will use for his hind legs and pawsYouTube/CBS Miami

The pooch even wore a waistcoat so that the handler could lift him up if the was struggling.

But, as time when on and he practised more, Ryder made visible improvements and eventually began to walk much more comfortably on his prosthetics.

With hydrotherapy sessions and a lot of determination, Ryder’s is getting better everyday.

Dr. Marta Sanchez-Emden from the Animal Health and Rehab Center in South Miami, is in charge of Ryder’s therapy.

“All his life, he has walked like a kangaroo with the stomps jumping at the same time,” she told CBS Miami.

“So we want to teach him that he can walk, number one, with the spine horizontal instead of down like before and that he can use one leg and then the other like a normal gait.”

She adds that Ryder is “nice and calm” with the prosthetics now and should go on to live a healthy life.

Ryder will live a happy and healthy life thanks to his new prostheticsYouTube/CBS Miami

“He should be able to run, jump... he’ll be able to do whatever he wants.”

What a good boy!

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