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An avocado big enough to make 20 avocado toasts? That might be just want millennial heaven looks like.

Well, that plus affordable housing.

But at least South Africa has granted millennials one of their wishes by creating 'Avozillas', giant avocados weighing an average of 1.2kg.

Avozillas are nothing new, but have only recently been brought to Australia where they are grown by the Grove's Grown Tropical Fruits farm and sold for £9 a pop.

Avozillas - four times the size of a normal avocado - are basically the size of your head.

A cross between two sub-species of avocado, they are a long time in the making. This crop are a result of trees planted four years ago - but it only took two days to sell the majority of them, reports The Independent.

But Avozillas might not hit the big time all over the world the world, as the South African company who first developed them still own the rights. Any farmers with a taste for the massive fruit must receive permission and pay royalties.

Avozillas were available in the UK in 2013, but Groves told The Independent that they might be too "niche" for British farmers to take an interest again.

The internet can't contain itself.

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