Giant slide at Belle Isle Park reopens after bumpy start

The giant slide in Detroit, which was forced to close just hours after opening due to safety concerns, now has a song dedicated to it.

A clip of the historic ride in Belle Isle Park, Michigan, soon went viral across Twitter, with many finding the bumpy ride hilarious, with one joking: "Welcome to the '80s kids!"

Another humoured that it represented 2022.

Others couldn't believe it had stayed open for so long.

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Well now, rapper GMac Cash has written a song dedicated to the ride.

He raps: "Hey, you could break your back (on the giant slide) / You could even break your neck (on the giant slide) / You might even bump your head (on the giant slide) / You need to watch your arms and your legs (on the giant slide)".

Listeners rushed to the comments, with one calling the song "excellent," adding: "Lol. Detroit has no chill."

"They gotta play this at the slide," another said.

You can listen to it here:

Gmac Cash - Giant Slide (Official Audio)

Kenyatta Mcadney recalled her day at the Detroit slide, explaining to ABC13how the fun was soon overshadowed by fear.

"What I noticed was the impact they were hitting the ground with coming off the hills," he said, adding that he ended up selling his tickets, "If they would have kept riding on that slide, somebody would have got hurt."

His child Keymarr added: "I was going down way faster than I thought I was. Gravity hurts."

It is said that it took operators four hours to shut the slide to re-touch the wax.

"Hopefully, after our small adjustment, we will be back up and running, and the slide will be slower for more enjoyment," read a statement.

"For this evening, we're giving it a little scrub down, and we will be back open at 11 tomorrow," said Joel Thomas, Belle Isle supervisor for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

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