Gillette’s new advert stars a singing pubic hair – and it’s oddly compelling

Gillette’s new advert stars a singing pubic hair – and it’s oddly compelling

Gillette adverts are most commonly known for their chisel-jawed male models, women flaunting silky-smooth legs, and “best a man can get” slogan.

But in recent years the brand has undergone a revamp, trying to shake off accusations of “toxic masculinity” to varying degrees of success.

Now it has taken a whole new tack by axing flesh-and-bone humans from its latest Venus commercial entirely.

Instead, it is done in the style of an animated musical and features a lesser-mentioned bodily feature.

That’s right, to mark the launch of its newest collection, Gillette has shone the spotlight on... a pubic hair. And it’s singing.

The anthropomorphised curl warbles sweetly: “Yeah, I’m just a pube and it’s not fair. All I ever wished to be was just another hair.

“But when they got one look at me, the ruling from society was, ‘ewww, not you.’”

The hair goes on to lament how “all the ads are showing perfect skin and shiny hair”, before asking: “But what about this other world inside your underwear?”

The campaign uses the hashtag #ThePubeSongGillette Venus

She and her entourage then belt out: “It’s okay to say our name – you really can say pubic.

“No need to be ashamed – it’s even kind of therapeutic.”

Reaching the song’s climax, they ask: “Why the mass hysteria about the pubic area? There’s nothing diabolical about this little follicle.

“So take care of us, your pubic hair. If you trim or you shave or you’re bare down there – whichever way’s your way – it’s all okay.”

In a caption to the video, the company wrote: “It’s time to finally get comfortable with the word ‘pubic’ and the whole area down there. We’ll start—with a song about pubes, sung by pubes.

“Check out the pube song and let’s normalise the conversation – because it’s okay to #SayPubic!”

It’s a far cry from the usual ‘I’m your Venus, I’m your fire’ advertGillette Venus

YouTube viewers so far seem on board with the campaign, with a number leaving positive feedback.

One wrote: “Masterpiece.”

While another conceded: “It was better than Cats.”

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