Tomi Lahren tried to criticise the new Gillette advert about toxic masculinity, but it seriously backfired

Tomi Lahren tried to criticise the new Gillette advert about toxic masculinity, but it seriously backfired

Right-wing activist and Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren has a habit of making grand statements on Twitter and then being thoroughly owned for them.

Previous self-owns include the time when she said that she didn't listen to celebrities despite being a Trump supporter and when she was fact-checked by an 11-year-old girl over claims about money spent on the proposed border wall.

Lahren has now waded into the debate surrounding the new Gillette advert, which has created a huge backlash against the razor blade company from men's rights activists and people of a right-wing persuasion.

The advert which addresses toxic masculinity, sexual harassment and the #MeToo movement has seen a boycott of Gillette products and claims that 'not all men' are like this.

This kind of argument misses the point of the advert and the message it was trying to convey but it didn't stop Lahren from weighing in with a rather illogical point.

The only people applauding Gillette are social justice warriors who believe the solution to all the world’s problems is for men to act less like men and more like women.

Well here’s a newsflash- women are also capable of bullying each other, harassing each other AND men!

In a tweet, she posted an hour before the above one, she did agree that some men are guilty of 'thinking in their pants' and not with their brains but undid that by adding that "playing with dolls, wearing makeup, gender neutral pronouns, or an overdramatic ad will do ZERO to correct sick men who do sick things."

As you may have guessed this little statement from Lahren was soon torn to shreds by Twitter users who began to point out how badly she had missed the point that Gillette was trying to make.

However, the biggest point she was getting pulled up on was the fact that she complained about women being bullies when she has shown on several occasions that she can be a bully.

Dear Tomi. Please keep trying to 'own the libs' because it is seriously entertaining. Thanks.

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