Shocking video of girl ‘sucker punched’ during basketball game goes viral
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A brutal clip that shows a young girl getting ‘sucker punched’ during a basketball game has since gone viral after one horrified parent shared the ordeal to her Instagram page.

The mother told CBS Los Angeles that her 15-year-old daughter left the game with “a bruised neck and concussion.” The clip, which has racked up over 60,000 views, shows the opponent charge towards the unsuspected victim during a US girls youth basketball game.

Taking to Instagram, she captioned the viral clip:

“THIS… this right here makes me SICK to my stomach. This happened to MY DAUGHTER at her game yesterday.

“There is absolutely no place for something like this in basketball, I don’t care how famous you are!! This mom told her daughter to “go and hit her” and my kid gets an unprovoked sucker punch.

“I’m sorry but it’s everything that’s wrong with youth sports. The girl and her mom showed absolutely no remorse and offered no apology. Youth sports needs to change.”

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The parent alleged to CBS Los Angeles that other parents heard the player's mother tell them to hit her daughter.

“It’s on the video, you can hear it plain and simple (and) the ref that was there also heard it and is willing to give testament,” she said and has since filed a police report.

The horrifying footage outraged fellow Instagram users, one of which suggested that the girl “should be banned for life”.

Many others flocked to the viral clip to prompt the mother to “press charges against who punched [her] daughter.”

“Please press charges and file a lawsuit otherwise this act will happen again”, one urged.

“I hope your daughter is doing ok,” another said. “It’s a terrible shock and a hateful experience.”

“This is awful and makes me sick to my stomach,” one added.

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