Man slammed for telling girlfriend and sister to 'cover up' their bras in front of his parents

Etiquette Rules for the Gym

A man has drawn fierce criticism online for asking his girlfriend and her sister to cover up when his parents came to visit.

The 26-year-old guy explained on Reddit that he and the two women were in the middle of an at-home yoga session when his mum and dad stopped by.

He said he had begun the twice-weekly classes at his house upon the recommendation of his girlfriend whose younger sister is a personal trainer.

“Yesterday, my mother called me asking me if I was still going to give her the freezer I no longer used. I said yes and told her to come get it or I would take it to her the next day,” he wrote on the 'AmITheA**hole' subreddit.

“The freezer is in my garage where we do yoga. I usually do it shirtless and my girlfriend and her sister are in sports bra and sweats.”

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He went on: “In the middle of our yoga session I get a notification that someone was at my front door, it was my mom and dad. I headed to the door while putting on a shirt but I asked my girlfriend and her sister to put on a top also.

“My girlfriend gave me daggers for eyes and her sister gave me a confused ‘who the hell are you’ look.”

The Redditor said that despite pleading with the women they refused to don an extra layer, and remained in their sports bras when his parents entered the room.

After his mum and dad left, his girlfriend’s sister called it a day on their session, telling him that he was “no longer her client” because she felt “disrespected” by him.

“I was confused and asked my girlfriend what she meant,” he wrote. “She said ‘dude, she has big boobs. She gets s**ted on like that all the time. You need to apologize like now. I'll let it go but you're a d**k’.

“I told her I will clear things up with her sister but I will [not] apologize because I didn't mean it that way,” he added.

“My girlfriend doesn't believe me and thinks I was trying to police her and her sister.”

Ending his story, the original poster (OP) said he’d been reflecting on the fall-out and didn’t feel as though he’d “overstepped the boundaries”.

However, scores of fellow Redditors disagreed.

The man said he didn't think he'd overstepped the mark with his request to the two womeniStock

“Who gives a s**t if your parents see your girlfriend and her sister in sports bras? Why was this a big deal to you?” one asked.

“Are they allowed to wear bikinis in front of your parents?” asked another. “They were exercising. They were probably hot.”

“OP should have just told his parents (who didn't seem to even care) ‘We're in the middle of a workout. There's the freezer. Don't mind us’. And that would have been that,” suggested another.

While a fourth joked: “At both pool parties and the beach, the proper etiquette for ladies is to wear a long stripey outfit that covers everything and then enter the water with their modesty properly protected by a bathing machine.

“Oh wait - that's the 1800s. My bad.”

Still, some commentators were more forgiving of the man.

One wrote: “Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with OP but people on here don’t stop to think about cultural nuances that are sometimes hard to break from.

“For example: me and my wife come from a culture that’s more on the conservative side when presenting ourselves in front of elders. We would never show ourselves shirtless or in minimal workout clothes in front of parents or in-laws or uncles/aunts, etc. I think this is a shared sensibility for a lot of households that have a custom of showing overt respect to elders.”

But, they stressed, the OP was still in the wrong because “he assumed his [girlfriend] and sister shared the same view and didn’t think of how his actions could have been perceived”.

Meanwhile, another conceded: “I’m not a conservative type by any means… but if my [boyfriend] said his parents are on the door I’d be throwing a shirt on before he would even have to ask.”

And a third said they didn’t understand why the OP had been so sharply criticised, writing: “[I’d] get it if he did it for just boobs. He covered himself too. It wasn't based on sex at all. He covered up first.

“I would die before I was seen by my parents in anything that had the word ‘bra’ in it – sport or regular to me it will always be a bra and if my family saw me in mine I'd combust.”

However, they added that he should still apologise to the sister “because you did hurt her feelings”.

“Even if you didn't do it on purpose it still hurt her,” they pointed out.

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