Couple give away $1,500 to Disney fans who answered one trivia question correctly

Couple give away $1,500 to Disney fans who answered one trivia question correctly
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A couple gave away hundreds of dollars to people who guessed Disney-themed trivia questions correctly, and the internet loved it.

Influencers Alyssa and Cullen Griffin visited Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Florida and asked random members of the public several questions of varying levels of difficulty.

The questions started off relatively easy, with fans being shown pictures of Tinkerbell and Jiminy Cricket and if they guessed the character's name, they bagged $50.

The more lucrative questions proved more difficult.

People were asked to list all seven of the dwarves for a cash prize, and asked to name more obscure characters such as the Seahorse Herald from The Little Mermaid.

They asked several groups to name all 12 Disney princesses, and after several tries, they eventually found a bunch of contestants who guessed the dozen princesses correctly.

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Delighted, the family who eventually got the question right bagged $1,000.

The couple shared the video of their outing to YouTube where it has since racked up 13,800 views. They also shared shorter snippets to their TikTok page where they’ve received thousands of views.

Before watching the video - can you name all 12 Disney princesses?

We’ve included a list below for you to check your answers…

Giving Disney Fans $1,000 if they Can Name ALL OFFICIAL Disney Princesses!

The twelve official princesses are: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, and Moana.

If you guessed correctly, we sadly won’t be giving you a grand. But you have earned bragging rights.

Speaking to Business Insider, Cullen said that although some people seemed reluctant when approached, it was rewarding to see people’s reactions when they won.

He said: “There's nothing better than scoping out people and choosing that stressed-out dad who's pushing strollers and carrying a hot dog in his hand.

“One couple went straight to buy Dole Whip — it was their first time at Disney and they were wearing matching T-shirts.

"Another guy went to buy his family lunch, and a family said they were going to buy souvenirs. It's so great to see people's reactions."

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